The Adventure Crew

A weekly nature trail in a different, secret location…

The Adventure Crew, by Conker Crew

Introducing Adventure Crew

The Adventure Crew is here to keep The Conker Crew spirit alive… a monthly box of nature and gardening activities alongside two adventure trails, set in different secret locations each time.  You’ll also receive delivery of a goody box with all you need to complete a variety of activities along the route or even in your own home.  There’s things to spot and see, crafts to make and display and plenty of invitations to play along the way.  The trail is there indefinitely and you can do it when you like, how you like and with whoever you like.  Nice and simple; The Conker Crew way.  Previous locations have included Ryebank Fields, Turn Moss and Stenner Woods.

Our lockdown price of £20 inclusive of p&p is to be extended and you can now choose from between one to six months of fresh air fun to be delivered straight to your door.  Message us to sign up and embrace the fresh air fun in your ‘hood.


The Adventure Crew, by Conker Crew
The Adventure Crew, by Conker Crew
The Adventure Crew, by Conker Crew

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